Is a cashew a fruit fruit drinks

is a cashew a fruit fruit drinks

The Cashew Fruit is used by many in Jamaica to make a refreshing drink, that tastes like a cross between a mango and orange. Also known as Cashew Apple. Shot with Mi Note 4 Editz:Mangla Aravind [email protected] [email protected] aravind Marañon Tree (Cashew Tree) is where Cashew Nut (Semilla de Marañon) come from. The Marañon fruit is call the Cashew Apple. To me they look more like a. An advantage to living here in the tropics is the availability of fresh fruit. For several months of the year, we drink cashew juice from the cashew. Brazilians indulge in the cashew apple in many forms, but by far the predominant use of this fruit is to make juice. Cashew apple juice (suco de. Home › Fruits & Nuts › Cashews. Preparing cashew apple juice However, cashew apples can be processed into a nutritious juice which can be consumed. is a cashew a fruit fruit drinks

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